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Disadvantages Of Not Cleaning The Solar Panel.

Anything that comes between your solar panels will affect how much electricity the system produces. We all know air is surely polluted nowadays particles such as dust, sea salt, pollen, dirt if it is in the air, it will eventually end up on your panels making a layer between sun and panel. As well being a solar owner, you know that what stands in the sun’s way of your panels stands in the way of your energy production.

While normal airborne particles such as pollen, dirt, and dust may wash away in the rain, but there are some things that can be a bit trickier, such as bird droppings and other stubborn pollutants will still be a problem.

The system location could also be a factor into consideration. Such as if the system is located right by factories, highways, fields, the wind will surely accumulate the dirt stuff on panel making a layer between the sun and the panel which will eventually cause a lower in production of energy.

As well there are many places where infrequent rain takes place, which makes cleaning of the solar panel as a important aspect to continue the same amount of supply of power production as new solar panel can do. Therefore cleaning of the solar panel is very much, a necessary part which can not be ignored.

Why You Should Hire SUNROOFTOP Professionals?

Our cleaning methods ensure that your panels are not damaged during cleaning and it is important to follow certain cleaning guidelines when washing solar panels, as they are delicate as well unnecessary damage can also make your warranty void.

Cleaning solar panels is the best job to leave to a knowledgeable professional for many reasons, including:

  • The methods we use will never ever make any kind of scratch on the panels.
  • The panels will shine like new after the cleaning process.
  • We only use professional industry standard equipment that ensure the best quality delivery to you.
  • We always use gentle cleansing formula to ensure that we won’t we be damaging any glass.
  • No matter where your solar panels are located in your area, we can help you clean and maintain them to ensure they work as efficiently as possible.
  • You always need access to specialized resources in order to do a good job, such as expandable tools, we have all of it.
  • Solar panels are usually located at the top, so cleaning them requires stepping on a ladder and working at a high point that can be dangerous. Therefore its better to trust on us to get your job done without risking your health.

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