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About Sunrooftop

The future is bright for those who choose solar energy.


We are zeroing in on solar energy, perhaps the most ideal alternative in green solar environmentally friendly power, to give. Sun Rooftop has become a leading energy efficiency and renewable energy company by approaching its business with a specific set of values and goals. Our team embraces the company’s mission and vision, upholding the energy and sustainability goals of our clients and stakeholders.


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Sunrooftop is among the India’s leading renewable energy solutions provider.
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Few Reasons to Choose Us

Why us

 We at Sunrooftop are passionate about contributing to the nation, which does not depend on power from fossil fuels

Experience Solar Panel Experts

Sun Rooftop are experienced solar energy installers with in-depth knowledge about the country’s solar conditions which means we will work with you to custom design a system that will generate savings.

Maintenance Services

We are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. Our maintenance services are impeccable and our team of experts is there to help you always.

Long Durability

By utilizing quality items you get a true serenity realizing that the framework will have a life span and dependability for a long time to come.

One-Stop Power Provider

We are all-in-one full-service solar energy providers supporting you through the entire project, from the initial enquiry to the final installations of the system.

Quality Installations

Simply the best, most elevated performing hardware is utilized in our solar frameworks.

Qualified Electricians

Get our trusted and experienced electricians ensuring complete protection from any kind of incompetence in the framework.

For Residential

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For Industrial & Commercial

Special Corporate Solutions

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Go Solar in 3 easy steps

Switching to solar panels with Sunrooftop is easy and affordable. Our team offers exceptional service and the highest efficiency panels. We make going solar a simple and pain-free process.


Our team has the experience and expertise to make sure your system is installed right.



Choose the best option suitable for your residential energy need. Choose between net-metering or off-grid system.


Once the paperwork is finalized and permits are in place we will start the installation. It, generally, takes a day or a few more, depending on the size of your project, to complete.

Solar greatly enhances your environmental leadership.

Commercial businesses use a lot of energy. Aside from the expense, traditional sources of power deplete our natural resources and lead to greater pollution. As awareness and concern for climate change grow, businesses are under greater scrutiny for their environmental impact. By reducing your business’s carbon footprint, you demonstrate goodwill toward the planet, stewardship within your community, and leadership within your industry.
0 380

Commercial Projects

0 685

Residential Projects

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